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Have Wi-fi, Will Write

Have Wi-fi, Will Write

Nov 28, 2020

You guessed it. The Internet finally got connected today after two weeks without. I could still do writing on my phone or iPad but something about being able to sit at my computer and get into writing has motivated more than anything else. It might also be because it coincides with the first weekend I've actually been able to relax.

I've been worried about hitting my deadlines and about stories not coming out as good as I hoped but I think I can define my work by one particular feature and that is turning shit into gold. Scene stinks? Add a joke! Find a meta reason to go completely nuts. This is why I love being in my character's heads. Literally, anything goes. So while I consider the possible merits in plot of cheap Pokemon rip offs punting children and taking shits on their boss's desk you entertain yourselves and await just what the hell kind of story I am writing.

P.S. I also decided that I write cosmic comedy not cosmic horror. Although I want to advance that genre my aim is not to scare people but to make them laugh at the absurdity of our realms of experience being completely isolated and us completely alone in a daunting uncaring cosmos for a brief moment. So bye then.

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