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Working and Healing in the Akasha

Working and Healing in the Akasha

Feb 09, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the Akashic Records and what they can help you with? 

Or maybe you’ve heard they can help you to heal your emotional and spiritual pain but you’re not really sure what that means. 

The Akashic Records are the record of your soul’s journey. It is a record of every experience and life time your soul has lived since it was conceived including all your thoughts, feelings, actions and decisions, positive and negative. Reading your records provides you with a depth of knowledge and wisdom that is hard to find in any other form.

Many of us come into each life time with lessons that need to be learned, contracts that need to be finished or simply healing that needs to take place because we didn’t get the chance to do so in the past. Reading your records helps you to discover the point at which your pain or sadness started. You get to discover the cause and from then, you have the opportunity to heal.

One of the many things I love most about the Akashic Records is the information. I’ve had sessions where I asked specific questions and ones where I’ve simply asked for what it is I need to know at this point and in both situations, the information I have received has been life changing. I know that’s a big statement but it has made certain situations and reactions in my life much clearer. For example, one of the first sessions I conducted for myself, I discovered that the cause of my fear of heights and the trouble I have with my throat come from past lives when I was killed for being a healer. In these particular past lives, I had be hanged and thrown off a landing. My fear of heights comes from my soul remembering what happens and my issues with my throat and my voice come from the fear of speaking my truth and paying the ultimate price.

I’ve had clients who have discovered through the records the cause of their current pain as a result of soul contracts with others. From being abandoned by their parents, to being harmed by their husbands, each and every time, the wisdom and knowledge of the Akashic Records put everything in place. Why? Because quite often we know something has happened in the past, something that is the cause of our pain and suffering in this life. How often have you asked yourself what you did in the past to deserve what is happening now? My guess is often. I know I have. Our souls know deep down, that something occurred but we have no way of knowing what it is, until now. 

Reading our Akashic Records gives us that knowledge. Whether you simply want to ask about anything relevant information that can help your situation or whether you want specific and detailed information around a particular life time, relationship or situation, the records can help.

If you find yourself struggling with particular problem or situation, the records can help you by working through three levels of healing. 

Level one allows you to understand your story from your point of view. This levels allows you to understand your problem at a physical level. After opening your records, you write or speak about the problem you are facing and how it is affecting you. How does it make you feel and what impact is it having on your life? During this first level of healing, you open the door to the light, raising your vibration and providing a pathway for healing to take place.

Level two allows you to look for the causes and conditions that are contributing to your problem. With your records open you can ask the records to reveal what you need to know about your problem. Sometimes it maybe a physical issue, as is the case with my throat, that was caused by being hanging. Other times you may discover the cause of your problem is a belief or attitude you developed as a result of something that happened to you in a past life. What you discover here in level two helps you to begin to see the real truth.

Level three healing within the Akashic Records helps you to recognise the truth about yourself at a soul level. This is the level where you get to see the way your soul is seen within the records, as the person you truly are. This is about discovering the divine nature of your soul and realising that what you are going through right now is for a particular reason.

Healing with the Akashic Records helps you to understand your past and your soul. It helps you to discover how and why you are facing the problems and situations you are facing. Once you know the cause, healing and moving forward becomes a much easier task.

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