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Why I’m passionate about the Akashic Rec ...

Why I’m passionate about the Akashic Records

Feb 10, 2021

The Akasha and the records it contains is still a realm of mystery for many. For those of us who have yet to travel to them, it can be hard to grasp the attraction of such a mystical place. And I get it. 

When I first began reading the Akashic Records back in 2017, I wasn’t entirely convinced in what I was doing. I mean, was I really within the records? Was this information really being divinely channelled or was I simply making it up?

I’m here to assure you there is nothing made up about the Akashic. In fact, I have discovered things about those I read for that there is no other way that I could possibly know and is so accurate, it even freaks me out!

But over time, I’ve learned to trust what comes through in a reading and learning to trust the messages of the records has led to a deep passion for this work. 

Why I’m passionate…

I’m passionate about working with the records because of the level and depth of insight and guidance they provide. I have discovered the source of deep fears, the resonations behind a fear of or lack of success, unlocked the secrets and lessons of family relationships, why I’m closed off to certain situations and even why I don’t like anything tight around my neck (I was hanged in a past life).

The Akashic Records hold so much information. Working with them means we can uncover and unlock the secrets and reasons behind our feelings, emotions, fears, and behaviours. We can heal, release our fears, call in our truth and find our strength! No wonder I love them so much!

I also love the depth. It’s not just human souls we can access through the records but the records of animals, places, buildings, businesses and even creativity such as blog posts. There is literally nothing that you cannot access within the records and this is why I believe they are so powerful.

When I began, I read for everyone. I had no niche. I asked the records whatever people wanted to know and I’m grateful because I learned so much from that experience. Now, I have learned to harness that wisdom and knowledge. One of my first loves, one of the first things I was ever passionate about was body image. I spent years researching it, it’s connection to wellbeing, eating disorders and exercise. When I began working with my own records, I wanted to know and understand my own issues and beliefs and struggles. I now use the Akasha to help other women do the same, to unlock that fears and beliefs around their bodies, to understand why, despite their best physical efforts to follow a diet or exercise program, they still fail to achieve their goals. And this only makes me more passionate about working with the Akasha and the quantum field.

I invite you to take the time to get to know your own records. I'm sure that when you do, you’ll be just as passionate as me about all they have to offer.

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