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Getting a No in a Psychic Reading

Getting a No in a Psychic Reading

May 10, 2021

No isn’t always a no in a psychic reading.

This might be a little controversial but here me out 🙂

As evidential psychics, we work towards confirmation in our readings, whether that be a yes, no or maybe/don’t know. Maybes can come because it’s new information that is just entering a client’s consciousness. I don’t know can be because it’s not something they have thought about. Yes is easy. It means it resonates with your client and is true for them. But no, well, that can be a little tricker. Over the past 5 years of professional reading, I’ve come to learn that a no, isn’t always a no.

When I first started reading for others, I was terrified of no. I thought it meant I was wrong and a fraud and should stop trying to develop my skills. Pretty normal reaction. But overtime I learned that when a client says no or tells me something doesn’t resonate, there’s often a deeper meaning behind it.

I work primarily with the Akasha but not solely with past lives even though it can come through. For me, the information from a past life comes through and helps to explain something the is current in my client’s life. It’s like a bit of background information or some history so they can make sense of what they are going through. Despite my relationship and connect with past lives, I know I can’t prove the information but I also know there is a link to the present and how things are playing out and that is something I can connect with. It’s something that will result in a yes, no or maybe.

Back to no. As I said, I used to think it meant I was wrong and it took me a long time to realise (thanks in part to wonderful clients prepared to give feedback), that there are many different reasons why someone feels something is a no in a reading.

The first is obvious - its a no because it doesn’t resonate and they can’t see a connection. It happens and often it’s because, in my case, I’ve picked up on something that isn’t directly related to my client but certainly applies to their life or will apply. I once received a reading in which it came up that I would move. I had recently resigned my lease and I wasn’t planning on moving yet months later, we decided to travel and leave the home behind.

This brings me to the second reason for a no - the information coming through isn’t yet relevant. In the case of me moving, at the time of the reading I had no plans to move yet that information made sense months later. Sometimes, we receive information for clients that is future based. Not in a predictive sense but more that the energy of a future event is already within their energy and coming through. And if the client isn’t aware of this, then their answer will of course, be no.

The third and for me, most common reason for a no, especially if it is a big hard NO!, absolutely not, you’re so wrong kinda no, is that it is something that is absolutely true but your client doesn’t want to face. Sometimes, we have things in our lives that we just can’t face or acknowledge. We don’t have the energy to deal with it. We might in our hearts that it’s true and our intuition might be sending up red flags everywhere but we just can’t deal with it at the moment. And when that happens and we get a reading that confirms it, we resist. We get defensive, we say the reader is wrong  and we discount everything they say, if the other stuff they got right. Let’s say your intuition is telling you your partner is lying to you and hiding something from you and it’s not the first time. You know you need to talk to them but you also know it will lead to an argument and at that moment, you’ve got sick kids, your boss is being an arse, your mother is complaining you’re not being a good daughter and the last thing you want to do, is start a fight with your partner. So instead, you push it down, and you convince yourself it’s all in your head because you’re just stressed and being paranoid, and whatever other thing you need to tell yourself to get through because that’s what we do when we don’t have the energy or the strength to deal. But then you get a reading and you get told that your partner is hiding something and your reaction is one of two things - you either say yes with relief because it’s not in your head and your intuition was right or you do what I mentioned above and you say no. You deny it. You became adamant that everything is fine and this just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t apply to you because you still just get face it.

The fourth reason can be a tricky one and if I’m honest, I have no idea why people in this category get readings but sometimes a no is a no because the client isn’t open to receiving information. They want you to be wrong. They want to prove that you don’t know what you are doing. That’s okay. While I don’t understand getting a reading and being purposely closed off to the information, this is why we have free will and it can be a great lesson as a reader to have someone like this because it helps you to reflect on your skills, on your connection, and even on the types of people you want to read for. My mum and step-sister are perfect examples of this. They would ask me for a reading and instantly their energy would change and I’d know that it didn’t matter what I said, they’d say I was wrong. Funny story, I once did a tarot reading for them and gave them the guidebook so they could see the information written for themselves so that it was coming from the author and not me, and still they said it was wrong :P 

We all worry about receiving a no and we worry about being wrong. In my experience, there’s so much more to a no that just being a no. I mean, yes, sometimes a no is really a no because it doesn’t resonate. That’s going to happen. We’re all human and as readers, those no’s can help us refine our intuition and learn to decipher the messages we receive and so we can articulate them better. But often, a no is more than a no. It’s something deeper. Something that needs time to come up into the consciousness of our client or something that needs healing.

If you receive a no in a reading, work with it. Explore it, especially for yourself as a reader. Listen to what you are being told, on all levels. Because that no, might just be the most powerful confirmation of the reading.

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