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Why Buy A Coffee/Pizza?

Why Buy A Coffee/Pizza?

Jan 09, 2021

So I started this donation campaign as it was suggested to me to do so to help cover the costs of some of making videos and doing various projects.

Such expense costs include:

  • Adobe Master Suite Video Editing Software month license fee

  • Monthly Service costs to provide quality content (such as an improved internet package).

  • Equipment Wear & Tear

  • 3D Filaments for prototyping

  • Purchases for improving Channel Quality

  • Kitty for purchases for requested comparison reviews.

While some people have been very generous in supporting the channel the lack of a clear method for the casual “thank you” donation did not really exist.

I want to thank everyone who buys me an “slice of pizza” (I don’t actually drink coffee) as this is currently the best way to directly support my efforts and allow me to take the time to continue to make you new content.

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