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Throw Back Thursday Adventures

Throw Back Thursday Adventures

Apr 01, 2021




I arrived in Philadelphia on March 6th!! And I hit the ground exploring. Within just a few days of being in the city I managed to find West Philly....I know what most of you are thinking...'WTF Erica'. Yep, and I even found it by pure accident. A couple of days here and Google decided to route me through this beautiful park while getting me back home. So on my first Friday in the city, March 12th my love happened to have the day off and it was beautiful!!!

What better thing to do than take a drive and go explore this amazing

And see some West Philly sites.

Thursday Throwback Adventures will now be a new series right here on BUY ME A COFFEE!!! And nope, you don't have to be a member to get it!!! Your support is greatly appreciated and your shares are support too!! So let your friends know where they can come to keep up with blogs of all nature.

Happy Thursday!

Erica P.

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