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🤔Theory of All Theories 🙊

🤔Theory of All Theories 🙊

Dec 08, 2021

DISCLAMIER: The Theory laid out here is supported by facts of things currently going on or have gone on. Read with an open is quite an interesting thought in my opinion. The author is unknown.

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All the razor wire on the capital building is on the interior of the fencing to keep people in. Now they have even higher more protective fencing around the immediate building. The capital building is protected like a prison.

Monkey works showed all the flights from Gitmo to dc. Nancy Drew showed all the blacked out vehicles in and out of the capital. She also showed all the helicopters over DC.

What if all the Tribunals are being held at the capital because they are required to be held on US soil. DC only exist under the bankrupted US. The 50 are under the New Republic already. The show is on till all the tribunals are complete. The ds chose to deceive the us population during this time in hopes of loopholing the Justice system failing. If they were found not guilty the ds would return us to status quo.

On January 6th the wh new the capital was going to be stormed by Antifa. They used this event to arrest most of the ds in once swop. We know most of them were at the capital to certify the fraudulent election. When the chaos broke out… what a great time to make a mass arrest. Everyone is watching the chaos which allowed the wh to make the mass arrest quietly and take the arrested out the back door.

We are now just waiting for the last of the Tribunals to take place. When the final tribunal is over. They will reveal all with the tribunals being televised for all to see.

Maxwell is a tribunal via the military. That’s why there are no cameras and such in the court room.

The wh plan is beyond brilliant...


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