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Eluminate Eps1. Getting My Feet Wet1/15/ ...

Eluminate Eps1. Getting My Feet Wet1/15/21

Mar 17, 2021

Mindset is key!

And boy was it ever key in getting this first epsiode under my belt. When Wilson apporached me about joining the WCRO family, he wasn't wasting anytime. He said, "can you start immediately?" "I want to expand your reach and no point in waiting."

I promised myself in Dec, 2019 to not say NO if it fell into my life passions arena. I would atleast give it the chance to teach me, grow me, or keep me. Either way NO and fear were no longer in power or play.

Not having a clue what I would do to fill 2 hours, and bam it all just flowed out when I sat down to do my first interview segment.

This Eps. features a former 'Front line worker' Ms. Liz who gave us some insight into what her and others in this industry faced during the height of the "Pandemic". As well as she is a mother, so she has gotten to experience the nightmare known as 'homeschool' first hand!

My girl Jamie literally had time to come to the house and sit in studio and record "Did you know" segment with me. Couldn't have been more fun and full-filling to bring that full circle with her being a huge part of These Are The Times blogging. And she is a mother as well, and can't wait to hear what she has to say about homeschooling while in school again herself.

And with the world in such a tizzy, it provides more than enough content filling time. So enjoy this, leave your feedback and stick around for the journey with Eluminate.

This week's Music features are as follows:

This Kids Not Alright- Awolnation

Dig Down- Muse

I'm LIT(clip)- Poppa Hussein

Drop The Game- Flume

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