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Easter as We Know it...

Easter as We Know it...

Apr 04, 2021

In today's world you have so many mixed messages, so much with mulitiple meanings. So why would a very major and well known holiday be any isn't. Well leave it to me to post some funny TRUTH on facebook....welp that opened a whole can of worms. People don't get mad at me because you haven't taken the time to learn all the history. Getting mad because you are uncomfortable with a truth that has been presented is not productive in the least to anyone's growth. So that everyone is on the same page this is what I posted.

Yes, Cam here (that I reposted from) said a mouthful and I was like yesssssssss, when it was dropped into my inbox! Yep and I posted it. Now some came at me with, welp '"Cam here is speaking of Catholics and they are all evil"(ummmm part of it had a Catholic tone, but either way christians take communion and celebrate'Easter')...

No matter your feelings my grandmother had a saying, "and the guilty will speak." Simply meaning those who have an immediate comment to a general statement probably did it(do it). Kind of like when someone says 'such and such is missing'. If you never saw it to begin with, then what do you need to say that could possibly be helpful. So many took to the comment thread and the common tone seemed to be pissed that I would post such a thing. But those the most pissed seemed to be the ones that had no clue there was a Pagan holiday long before Christanity was even known, let alone thought of.

You see long ago, Pagans would gather and dance, sing, eat, offer sacrifices to the Goddess Ishtar(pronounced Easter). This celebration would take place during the Spring Equinox Full Moon. Ishtar's symbols were eggs and rabbits, both being symbols for fertility and sex and there were plenty of orgies taking place during these festivals as well.

Now, thanks goes to Constantine the Great for Easter as we know it today. He was the first emperor to adhere to Christanity, he also made sure Christians were protected within the empire. But many cultures/religions since the begin of time, have always celebrated the equinoxes as sacred and holy.

So christians, please please please stop getting mad at your friends for telling you about history. Learn from it so that you can raise your children accordingly and in a grounded, realistic way. Because to say Easter is about Jesus and his resurrection, then turn and take the kiddos to have pics with the Easter Bunny is sending so many mixed messages. Also, please stop fixing ham as a main dish on Easter if you are trying to be Godly...the Bible plainly says pork is unclean..js

And we wonder why people grow up and don't know where to look for, or what to stand in as truth. So if anything, my pray this Easter is that people start standing for what they really believe in and truly understand why they are even doing the things they do and celebrate.

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