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MFE - Supplementary Tab Featuring the K ...

MFE - Supplementary Tab Featuring the Kodály Supplementary Songs

Apr 14, 2024

Let's explore the Supplementary Tab of MusicFirst Elementary (MFE) Powered by Charanga!

This video will highlight the "Kodály Supplementary Songs," which feature a variety of Kodály Folk Songs that can be customized to match the proficiency of your students. You have the option to teach these songs using stick notation, staff notation, solfege syllables, and hand signs. These songs are part of the Musitrax 1 and 2 singing programs developed by Lambeth Music Service in London, following the Kodály music education method. A few years back, Charanga partnered with Lambeth Music Service to make these successful singing programs more accessible to a wider audience through technology-enhanced song presentations. Let's delve into this valuable resource and explore three ways to incorporate it into your classroom!


0:00-1:00 What is MusicFirst Elementary?

1:00-1:35 What is the Supplementary Tab?

1:35-5:21 In-depth look at the Kodály Supplementary Tab

5:21-5:52 Idea #1 Use the Kodály Supplementary Tab to decode melodies and rhythms

5:52-6:20 Idea #2 Use the Kodály Supplementary Tab to compare melodies and improvise new ones

6:20-6:36 Idea #3 Use the Kodály Supplementary Tab to customize a lesson with the curriculum's lessons

6:36-end Check out #techtiptuesday to find shorter videos about MusicFirst Elementary and sign up for a 30-day free trial!

More MFE Information:

MusicFirst Elementary 30-day Free Trial: https://www.musicfirst.com/software/musicfirst-elementary

MusicFirst Elementary Playlist with in-depth videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO2UG241-fB6Ghg2abkM1PvcB-j1TySq-

MusicFirst Elementary #techtiptuesday with shorter videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO2UG241-fB5gvd-38w5B9OYFkiwGgLhZ

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