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Autumn Medley Body Percussion/Movement P ...

Autumn Medley Body Percussion/Movement Play-Along Video

Sep 25, 2022

This week’s new play-along video is one that focuses on movements and rhythms so that you can choose how to use them in your classroom. In the States, Autumn begins this week. I chose a medley of songs that include the months of September and October, and the seasonal weather that is associated with fall in certain parts of the world. This video does not mention Halloween or pumpkins, but more in the lines of leaves and weather becoming colder.


The medley consists of four songs that have a variety of tempos and styles from country, to ballad, to R&B. I chose to emphasize movements on this medley so that my students could feel the whole note rhythms, the subdivided eighth note rhythms, and how that leads to the dotted quarter note rhythm followed by an eighth note.

The songs are:


If you choose to focus on the rhythms, the following patterns are used:

  • Four quarter notes

  • Whole note

  • Two quarter note and two quarter rests

  • One quarter note, two eighth notes, and two quarter notes

  • Two quarter rests and two quarter notes

  • Four eighth notes and two quarter notes

  • Dotted quarter note, one eighth note, and two quarter notes

  • Two half notes

  • Two quarter notes, two eighth notes, and a quarter note

  • Dance party


The movements are as follows:

  • Whole note = Clap on beat one and then wave your hands in the air for beats two, three, and four

  • Dotted quarter followed by an eighth note = Pat your knees on the first best, slide on the downbeat of beat two, and clap on the upbeat of beat two

  • Quarter rest = shh

  • Two eighth notes = two snaps or flicks in the air

  • Quarter notes = stomps or claps

  • Half notes = Step then slide

I hope that you and your students enjoy this medley!

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