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The WarWalker

The WarWalker

May 29, 2021

I used to share the technical specs and build process of my technical builds, however lately I haven't.I get a lot of requests and some even demand that I share it or that I owe them a detailed write up. I had someone call me on my personal cellphone to ask me a question that he could have easily googled. Others swarm me with "suggestions" or "improvements". Trust me most of the suggestions I get I have considered and decided against it.

Example: my warwalking rig.

So as many of you know I have been actively warwalking with a special custom rig that I build. Many have asked on what the rig is but I haven't shared anything specific. Its nothing fancy, its a RPi 4 running Kali with 5 wireless adaptors and some other parts. The problem is some of the parts are no longer widely available and some parts are custom build by me. Every time I share something that has hard to get parts, I get requests(demands) on selling or giving them the parts. I am not a hardware vendor and I have no plans on being one. I still get asked about the PocketChip on if I can help them on getting one. Some have commented that my builds are useless time wasters and won't work in a real life situation. The warwalking rig is a very specific tool that I build with the sole goal of getting @wiglenet points. The quality of the packets is questionable at best, however it does enough for me to submit my findings to @wiglenet. It's not meant for a deep detailed analysis of wireless traffic on all the channels.There is some customization on the software side but once again this is all for my needs. I warwalk cause I enjoy walking and I like adding points to my @wiglenet score.

I am not a vendor, I am also not interested in being one. I am also not your "wifi tech support." and no I will not hack your GF's Instagram.

People say, ignore the haters and keep sharing, and I will. But I think I have shared enough in the past for those who are interested in building custom rig to build one. My current warwalking rig is build to my very niche specific needs so your mileage might vary.

The WarWalker specs:

  • Rpi4.

  • 3xRT5572

  • 2xAWUS036NEH

  • 1xGM-3N

  • Software:Kismet(git-master level)

I share my stuff cause I want others to go out and build their own and get as much joy out of the process as I do.(yes there is also a lot of frustration but that's part of the game.)

Go out and hack shit, make shit and don't be a critic.

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