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Episode 8: What’s up RF Hacker’s Sanctua ...

Episode 8: What’s up RF Hacker’s Sanctuary

Jul 16, 2021


Bonus episode with guests!!

Zero Chaos: https://twitter.com/Zero_ChaosX/
R.Mellendick : https://twitter.com/rmellendick
RF hackers: https://twitter.com/rfhackers

Talk Theme:

So Wireless Village is now RF Village. Why the change?

What’s happening this year at RF Village.

Plugs and other stuff:

RF Village (virtual) CFP is open. July.19th 00:00:00 deadline. EST . (Before @Zero_ChaosX wakes up)

Wardriving RPI give away!


1.You have to include both hash tags ideally into one: (SECRET HASH TAG of previous episode)+(TODAYS TAG) example: #rickLoves+#goats= #rickLovesgoats

deadline : till we end the entries.
2.Include link to this channel's twitch.
3.Be creative.

The Wireless Shit Show has now its own youtube! Subscribe for previous episodes.


Winning Chat comment:

"WigleNet: gentleman in the city, freak in the fields. "

Next Episode : Tues.July.20th.2021 2100 US Mountain Time / 0300 UTC

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