My Life, the Change That Goes on in You ...

My Life, the Change That Goes on in You and in This World

Oct 12, 2021

Violence and chains the first part--liberation and spiritual realization the second part

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Hello friend,

I have so much to tell you about my life and my adventures in the United States!!!

--And I will in the third person. The thing is that for many years I was living like inside a cocoon. My energy was up and down--as I discovered recently to suffer from severe bipolar disorder. I was trying to find myself since I escaped my country--Italy-- at the age of 21, in 1986. I was lucky only because I am a believer. I stumbled and fell deep down, I also made many mistakes... yet, I am still up and running. I reinvented myself as soon as I was able to do so. Now I am happily charged and harmonious to live with the Divine I found within, in the desert of Nevada-USA--where I became only a few years ago a full and accomplished homeowner and occasionally an entertainer, as I love to sing the songs I write with music I can compose.

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My American Dream Started in 1986

Once upon a time...

It was three o'clock in the morning,1965. A baby girl was born in a small city on an Italian Island. But only to know fear, rejection, anxiety, and insanity--perhaps some form of abuse... The demons of "Anger"--belonging to others-- were able to access her soul for a very long time. Yet, the Divine was omnipresent and she knew it. This saved her big time!!!

She was a prisoner of someone else's mind. She had to almost force herself and smile when she had no choice but to listen to her father's teachings during supper. And he was mean and loud for no reason.

She had exactly the same three nightmares--when she was three and until about ten years old. And you will know--eventually-- what they were because she will never forget what terrorized her.

She has also memories from past lives--they came back once she started to live in the US-- but only heart memories and strong perceptions. She doesn't remember with a visual memory those periods of time in the far past.

She knows who she is, and finally, she discovered the light of the divine within all of us. That's why she's here. Her life's mission is simple. She's here to help those who are desperate to help themselves.

She can only share personal, spiritual, and physical experiences--in future blogs/articles--and tell you what she came to realize with time and sometimes through hard mistakes. She can only help you liberate your mind.

You have to do all the work, but she can be on your side along the way, especially when it gets hard.

So Elena became an excellent Tarot reader. Tarot found her in her grandmother's house when she was twelve--but only because she loved Tarot and the energy that she knows so well.

And also she became a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, to help people healing via guided imagery and positive affirmations through the chakras system... and much more!!

She was poor, an amputated, lost soul--abandoned... always depressed. She felt she wasn't going to make it, simply because she was weak and continuously putting herself down--day after day. Almost to the point of no return...

But one day, she had a vision and the divine found the perfect synchronicity with her time, to let her know that she had still a mission to carry on in a faraway land, over the ocean... So she woke up.

Here I am.

To be continued...

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