Why I decided to use Blazor ?

Why I decided to use Blazor ?

Nov 05, 2021

As you may already know, Blazor is Microsoft Framework to create rich high quality web applications using C# in both front-end and backend.

Blazor was officially released in 2018, and the Blazor WebAssembly version was released on May 2020.

As with every single new technology or framework, there are lots of people who are still reluctant to even test it, let alone use it in production.

While it is true Blazor is relatively new, and as with every new technology, it has a path towards becoming more mature, the truth is that Blazor already offers most of the common functionalities most web platform need.

One of the reasons I decided to create FairPlayTube using Blazor WebAssembly is to show that Blazor WebAssembly is already in a great state allowing you to create High Quality Web Platforms.

As I mentioned before, Blazor already supports most, if not all, of the functionalities commonly found in web platforms.

Blazor WebAssembly support

  • Authentication

  • Authorization

  • Localization

  • Dependency Injection

  • File uploads

  • Reflection

  • Server pre-rendering

  • SignalR

  • Client-side validations

Please let me know in the comments the features you are using in your Blazor Web Assembly apps.

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