Way more reasons to use Blazor!

Way more reasons to use Blazor!

Jun 10, 2022

In previous articles, I have shown the benefits of using Blazor and why companies must use it if they want to keep a competitive advantage, improve development speed, achieve faster delivery cycles and optimize revenue, and that was by just using Blazor, or by also adding C# Source Generators to the mix.

One more reason, is that Blazor takes code and UI reusability to the next level, yes, you can take your Blazor web application User Interface and share it in many other projects, even with your cross platform applications while using.NET MAUI.

.NET MAUI allows you to have parts of or your whole application in Blazor, which means you can have all of that UI and functionality quickly implemented in your mobile app, meaning you have the ability to develop your mobile app extremely quickly, and, if well designed, with none or a minimum amount of changes.

Check the following video to see how to share your UI between Blazor and .NET MAUI.


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