Welcome- Jackie Heinl- Soil, Wetland Sci ...

Welcome- Jackie Heinl- Soil, Wetland Scientist & Red Cross Disaster Relief Specialist

Apr 08, 2022

https://youtu.be/xyKPYWtqXZM Join Sandy Schoelles & Jackie Heinl 9 pm est Friday April 8th . "I think it’s time to talk frankly about risks, and how dangerous it is now. The climate is now obviously abruptly changing and impacts are rapidly worsening, so it is imperative that you be ready at a moment’s notice for exceptional weather events, and resulting infrastructure failures. These are some of the things we considered when relocating out of our concern about the worsening impacts from climate change. *1. Location, location, location! 2. Where are the nuclear plants and spent fuel cells storage areas? 3. How good are the fresh water supplies? 4. Are there farmers in the area that can supply food without fossil fuels? 5. Is the town or region at risk from the risks of wildfires? Are there broad expanses of forests in the area or within 100 miles, especially to the west? If so, expect bad air quality along with fire storm risks. "

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