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My "Why"

My "Why"

Apr 15, 2021

Here's a little bit about me.

Hi, my name is Ruth.

I have always been interested in what motivates and drives that homunculus living in your brain. I am also passionate about helping people steer through their emotions.

This naturally lead me to study a Bachelors Degree of Psychological Science at Charles Darwin University, Australia. 

My original idea was to create an online platform where we could openly and safely discuss mental health topics and work them out, however, I didn't end creating the online room. 

I then considered creating daily affirmation cards to help people start their days in a positive manner and reframe their perspectives. This naturally lead me to creating this tool, a card game based on Sigmund Freud's Three Levels of Mind. 

The cards are intended act as a tool to create deeper bonds with the people you play with as well as learn more about yourself through introspection.

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