Exciting news….but

Exciting news….but

May 24, 2024

Help Needed!  FINALLY after many of you asking……..  I have an exciting opportunity to record another album very soon (as in a month’s time)! A kind supporter has arranged a local recording studio and set some dates. Now I just need to raise £250/300 to cover the costs of this, including the final CD production. 

I need your help to make this happen. Any support would mean so much to me. In return, you'll receive my deepest gratitude and be one of the first to get a CD (or multiple CDs)

**Donate via PayPal**

(Please select the 'Family and Friends' option so I avoid fees)

For every £10 pledged, you’ll receive a CD. This is cheaper than the final sale price and I will also cover the postage (within the UK) so it’s a win/win. 

If you can afford to support me please remember to leave me your address too along with how many CDs you'd like.

Another way of supporting this project is to BuyMeACoffee on here - 4 coffees will get you a CD. (I have to pay fees on this site so that’s why it’s a little more - to do a direct payment to me get in touch below)

I’ll be doing the recordings very soon (and need to put a deposit down for the recording studio ASAP) with a view to getting the CDs out before the end of the year.

I really appreciate your support and for trusting me with this!

And of course, if you cannot help this time I also fully understand. I just thank you for watching and sharing my music.

Julie xx [email protected]

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