Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions

Mar 01, 2023

Feeling Blah, I'm full of mixed emotions I know everything will work out for us! I support my husband in whatever he does for work and even if we have to move then we will and will make it work for all of us! I'm really missing our cat's but I know we'll see them in a couple of days and my Dad has been helping us look after them! We've been really enjoying being here Barrie Ontario Canada, I just have to learn to drive around here if we move here, yes I have my license I just have to learn the roads! Our boys are doing awesome at going out, and eating out as well! They're really good boys and little gentlemen to!

Next is to wait and see what happens! The ballpark is in my husband hand and hopefully it's the one that make's most money and keeps him busy all of the time!

All I ask is for all of us to be happy and healthy no matter where we live or what we do in life, sometimes change is for the better part of life!

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