Good Night

Good Night

Jan 31, 2023

It's been a long day, finally got things worked out, we just know that we'll only help out the one's that have a heart! When things get better for us we'd be happy to return the favour, but to the mean belittling one's don't deserve our friendship or even being related to as well! There are stranger's out there that act more like family and friends and can be better trusted!

Yes be kind but don't belittle the one's you call friends or family! If you don't understand a person or a families situation then keep your mouth shut, don't comment unless you understand what is going with them! Everyone situation is different and every family is different, so don't judge what you don't know! We've been hurt by people who we thought we're friends and are not, so time to find new one's, their loss someone else gain! We're used to the trash taking itself out and we never turn back! Once you are gone, you're gone forever! Life is about moving forward that's all we ever do, move on with our lives!

So good night and thank you for reading, I will pay it forward when I can, I promise! I keep my promises!

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