Feb 24, 2023

Well I'm depressed, have anxiety and sad! There's some people out there that doesn't think you should be happy for your husband or family, I believe that is wrong! If I want to be happy because my husband and family are happy I will rout for them all the way! I'm still having a hard time dealing with Mom that passed away last November that should never happened, I miss her , I want her back, I want her advice today has been a hard day for me!

We're still figuring out things financially and what to do! I love my Blogging but I wish I could make some money from it! I know a lot of my Blogs aren't always happy but It's the only way I can express myself so I can move forward and not end up in a worse place then I'am now! I've been Blogging for almost a full decade and that all started with Blogger thanks to Google Plus and friends I had on there from all over the world! I wish Google Plus would come back it was one of the best social sites there ever was! Even better than Facebook and Instagram! The way you could communicate and the group's they had was amazing!

I'm hoping things will be better tomorrow, I just live one day at a time, if I'm taken in my sleep just know that I hope someone even one person has been reading my Blogs, if nobody has then well at least I've tried!

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