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Jul 13, 2021

I've been in TBLT for some time. It was wild ride. First I bought TBLT below $1. Then i increased my position well above that level. Finally, when i was done buying my cost per share was 1.047.

I like the company as they go through hyper growth, they grow revenues above 100% per year. However the stock went down significantly when they announced their FY 2020. results. Not sure why i thought the sales were great. Maybe someone expected they will need more cash. On this particular dip i did not buy any share but i just waited to see what will happen. In the middle of may they issued Q1 results whish were great and the stock moved up a little. Again i did not buy any.

On Friday they announced great news again.

ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. ("ToughBuilt") (NASDAQ: TBLT; TBLTW), announced today that gross sales through Amazon.com increased 118% to approximately $5.48 million for the first half of 2021, compared to approximately $2.51 million in the first half of 2020.

But the price action wasn't like the prior months when the stock dropped or jumped slightly. This time the stock went >50% up. Then i tweeted:

I started thinking about this price actions and i thought maybe a good time to sell some. The reason was this price gap could get filled (stock should go down) or get really close to it. So i sold it. all of it.

On Monday they dropped bombshell:

The price went down to $0.7. At this point i am still deciding if i want to buy but not the common but the warrants. I still like the company and the warrants could be very good way to play TBLT impressive growth.

Nothing I say here is investment advice.

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