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The Hussar tournaments of Ferdinand II, ...

The Hussar tournaments of Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria

Jan 04, 2023

The so-called „Hussarisches Turnier” (“Hussar Tournaments”) were organized by Habsburg Ferdinand II, Archduke of Austria who lived between 1529 and 1595. The tournaments took place between 1548 and 1582, and they were not just a hobby of a Renaissance ruler but they had a political message, too.

Hungarians particularly liked “Tiroli Ferdinand” (Ferdinand of Tyrol) and the Archduke seemed to have returned this feeling. He organized a great Hussar and Knightly tournament in Prague on 23 May 1548.


It is perhaps not so well known, but it is a fact that Ferdinand of Tyrol was a lover of knightly martial arts and jousting tournaments, a tradition he probably ‘inherited’ from Emperor Maximilian I.

The fact that he was also obsessed with Hungarian Hussar fighting and jousting (one might say so, since he not only organized a series of ‘Hussar tournaments’, but also passionately collected Hussar weapons, equipment, and even relics, portraits, etc. of great heroes of the time) is something that Tirolian Ferdinand was passionate about.

It can be seen no longer as a decadent nostalgia for a bygone age (the age of the knights) but as a current political message or program aimed at mobilizing people to fight the Turks.


Read more about these tournaments on my page, based on the research of Szerecz Miklós:

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