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The battles around Fehérvár 9-25 October ...

The battles around Fehérvár 9-25 October 1601

Oct 14, 2021

I've improved a previous article, adding a few more things...

After the Battle of Palást (1552) and the Battle of Mezőkeresztes (1596), it was the third large-scale open field battle against the Ottomans. While the Turks won the Battle of Palást, the fight at Mezőkeresztes was rather a draw, although the Ottomans gained the battlefield.

At Mezőkeresztes, the enemy's number was twice larger but now, five years later the rate was worse, it was 1:3.

However, the Imperial army of General Philippe-Emmanuel de Lorraine, Prince of Mercoeur, was able to gain the upper hand and forced the enemy to withdraw, thus winning the first open field battle against the Ottomans, 75 years after the Battle of Mohács.

The Ottomans had about 70,000 soldiers, while the combined Christian army numbered only 15,000 men.

The army of the French prince consisted of not only the most updated pike-and-shot units of the age but they had western Cuirassiers and Hungarian Hussars to support them.

You can read more about this battle here:

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