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The 286th Hungarian castle on my page is ...

The 286th Hungarian castle on my page is Királyházai Nyalábvár castle

Apr 09, 2022

It can be found in Ukraine (Замок Ньолаб), it is in the Subcarpathian Region aka Kárpátalja...Soon, I am going to tell the history of this region as well.

Nyalábvár castle is one of the earliest Hungarian castles of the Subcarpathian region, it is in Ukraine. As for its village, Királyháza (literally: “the house of the king”) belonged to the Comes of Ugocsa County. He took care of this forested area on behalf of the Hungarian king, and queen.

The core of the stone castle was presumably built right after the Mongolian Invasion of 1241-42. In the beginning, the castle served as a hunting lodge and an economic center of the surrounding area. It was the time when King Béla IV, the “second founder of Hungary” constructed plenty of stone forts to block the invading tribes from the East.

Read more about its history on my page:

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