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The 268th Hungarian castle on my page is ...

The 268th Hungarian castle on my page is Torna castle

Nov 13, 2021

Torna vára aka Tornai vár (Turniansky hrad) can be found in Slovakia, next to the small town of Torna. It is just four kilometers away from the Hungarian border.

The castle is situated on a hilltop and it is likely that it had been built on a former earthen castle. After the Mongol invasion of 1241-42, the town and the castle were owned by the Comes of Sáros, Tekus, and partly by the brothers called Both and Baach.

I must remark that it is so nice to see an information board at the castle that includes the Hungarian language as well (2020). Also, the local Hungarian community of Torna has been trying to preserve the ruins which are part of our historic built heritage.

You can read the history of Torna castle on my page where I have uploaded a gallery of plenty of great pictures, thanks to Imre Lánczi:

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