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Here is the detailed story of Munkács ca ...

Here is the detailed story of Munkács castle's siege

Jan 18, 2022

As I have promised, here is the detailed story of Munkács (Мукачово) castle's siege that ended on 17 January 1688...

Lady Zrínyi Ilona (aka Jelena Zrinska) heroically defended the fort from November 1685 to 1688 with her Hungarian, Slovakian, Rusyn, and German soldiers. Allegedly, she lost 24 men altogether during the siege but the Austrian’s losses were many times higher than this. A woman won against the mighty Habsburg Empire! King Louis XIV of France sent jewels to Lady Ilona to express his appreciation.

The young Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II was alongside his mother with his little sister. This siege of Munkács is the most recalled historical deed of Zrínyi Ilona. Both Hungarians and Croatians cherish her name and commemorate her bravery. I've also described its legend in my book "33 Castles, Battles, Legends".

(Source: mainly from Szibler Gábor)

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