Money Mindset Journal

Money Mindset Journal

Jan 10, 2023

The prior days can be found on the YouTube video descriptions. I started compiling this on Day 21

Days 21-30

It's Day 21 of Money Mindset Training. Today I'm not in the comfort of my own home. I'm at the Embassy Suites. I chose to get up late. Made that decision when the alarm went off this morning. When I went to bed last night, the plan was to do the routine at 445 AM. I didn't establish as non-negotiable. So, it was a plan rather than a commitment. So when the alarm disturbed the peace. I hit snooze. Got up 15 minutes later.

I could blame it on circumstance or context. Ok. I have blamed it on circumstance and honoring myself or my family. And that's a chicken exit. I see that chicken exit when I perceive my plans as inconvenience to my family. And this is not true for all plans. It is often true for plans that I'm not committed to. That's my million dollar 9 plex in Fort Worth. That's the Tiny Home/RV Park in Athens, TX. That's getting up at 430 AM to do burpees.

During the exercise, there where thoughts about who is watching, who will see me, etc. I was more concerned about making people who could be in the area uncomfortable. I chose to do my burpees in a hangout area rather than a fitness gym. It seemed appropriate until I started doing the burpees.

And that shows up too.


It's Day 22 of Money Mindset Training. Today I am back in the comfort of my home. Jamal is back at work. And it's easier to do the normal routine. All of the cues is there. So, I hit 5 minute snooze on the 430 alarm. And proceed as usual. That's encouraging. It says to me that the routine of money making can be a habit that is triggered by environmental cues. I'm committed to money making being a daily habit.

As I did the exercises, there were thoughts and solutions and opportunities. Today the felt in alignment with the Money Mindset audio rather than combating it. So, when they came I acknowledge the thought, pondered what a solution related to one of the Mindsets would be (i.e. Even my mistakes will prosper) and continued repeating key phrases from the Money Mindset recordings. My money goal felt more like "it's already done" than "what needs to be done".


It's Day 23 of Money Mindset Training. I started out determined to complete the process with precision and power. That lasted for maybe 90 seconds. Then I focused on the scripture. My form got sloppy. Then I was off to the races. Thinking about the next tasks. Remembering the revelations I had yesterday.

I have 2 properties waiting to be purchased. They total about $2 million. And I stopped pursuing them because the financing doesn't look like I want. The opportunity is to find another solution. Instead I'm twiddling my thumbs for days on ends. So today, I get to put in an offer and apply for financing. As I did the Burpees, I wondered what came up for me that got me stuck. And certain scriptures stuck out "Even my mistakes will prosper", "Abraham's blessing", "GOD's blessings will overtake me" I guess it was a good time to unpack the Mindsets.

In the middle of the process though I didn't think it was good. So, I shifted to listening and only repeating truths. I'll keep you posted on my deals.


It's Day 24 of Money Mindset Training. I had expectations of how this process would go today. And it didn't go that way. I realized that I've been consistent with this process. And I know that my money goals are depending on me building and maintaining community. I am not consistent with building and maintaining relationships. I'm not consistent with reaching out in relationships. And that was the distraction for a good portion of the Exercise. And that the consistency and follow-up present the most opportunities for me in my money goals. So, I acknowledge that I get to shift. And I returned to listening and repeating the scriptures from the recording.


It's Day 25 of Money Mindset Training. Today started strong. Good form. Enjoyed feeling my muscles flex in my back. I consider that indirect benefits. Indirect benefits happen when I consistently pursue money goals as well.

I checked the time and realized my commitment to call my sister at 5 AM would conflict with my commitment to do an additional after the audio recording stopped. In the moment, I beat myself up for sabotaging myself. I stopped my own commitment because I wasn't intentional about starting the routine on time. I'll do the additional 5 ... okay did...And the mindset that runs that habit shows up when I'm pursuing money goals too.

I was more committed to feeling pressed this morning than I was to keeping my commitment. I figured I had plenty of time. In fact, I had calculated and did it so many times before that it was doable. And I didn't consider or even remember my commitment to do an additional 5.

When I'm pursuing income opportunities that happens as well. Rather than taking action with the time I have I justify waiting. And then inevitable miss an opportunity. I wait because I don't want to feel pressed in to a box. I let fears and concerns about the next next step distract.


It's Day 26 of Money Mindset Training. I love the feeling of being consistency. I love the indirect benefits. Today I noticed as I focused on the audio recording that my actions had shifted. For instance, a few of the scriptures mention honoring GOD with my first fruits. I believe in the tithe. And usually I tithe when I get around to it. In December, I was intentional about tithing when income was received. The Mindset shifted my doing, my actions. And that is the goal.

Today the recordings feel more like my inner dialogue rather than a conversation going on around me. Even when I'm distracted or I have a thought it is less of a fight to refocus. And I'm sure some of that is because of the practice. The practice of focusing as well as the practice of internally repeating the scriptures. Today is sure to be a very interesting day.


It's Day 27 of Money Mindset Training. Today quitting was not an option. I didn't remind myself of my why. I didn't remind myself that this was not negotiable. Don't get me wrong. I still feel burpees burning my muscles. And it was a notice. Sometimes an excitement about the muscle and how it will form. Stopping was not an option.

Once again today I didn't start on time. I started at 445 rather than 447. The story is that I was cleaning the kitchen which was important. And I could have done both if I was more intentional with my time and if I kept my commitments to myself.

And those mindsets show up in multiple places including around money. Other tasks, commitments are prioritized. And there is a way to have both. There is a way to honor my commitments to my key relationships and to pursue my money goals.


It's Day 28 of Money Mindset Training. Today there were all kinds of thoughts. "Why is breathing so hard?" "I should slow down my pursuit so that God's blessings can overtake me" "There's a way for us to earn an extra $700 a month" "Aw man I can't see the timer". The audio scriptures still played in the background and in my head as these thoughts were there. And it wasn't a fight to get back to focusing. And they still came. So, as I'm building my Money Mindset I am also building the ability to focus, re-focus, and to dismiss distractions.

The past two nights dreams have been filled with money concerns. Last nights were more solution oriented. The prior nights were more intentionally focusing on the scriptures that I remembered. And without the Money Mindset Routine I wouldn't have the scriptures memorized. Another benefit combating the night time mind monsters so that I can rest and sleep.


It's Day 29 of Money Mindset Training. Today I felt stronger. The scriptures aka "Money Mindsets" triggered thoughts about solutions, opportunities, and actions. Internal dialogue and thinking were, at least for the first 2 minutes, the thoughts and discussions aligned with Money Mindsets that support me. And then I recalled a opportunity in a relationship then an opportunity about someone's thoughts about me. And it took me a moment to refocus on the pursuity of the goal.

The refocus happened fairly quickly. And that is the goal. Right? In this I mean in this pursuit of the best version of myself, there will always be opportunities for growth. Progress is the goal rather than Perfection. In fact, Progress over Perfection every time. WOOHOO! One more day of Burpees.


It's Day 30 of Money Mindset Training. Yesterday's ending was hard. I went to bed at like 630 PM. I got up this morning at 430 PM. I had no motivation to do anything. I had a slight headache. And I slept mostly but I didn't feel tired. As a result, this morning when I started I mostly felt like whining and explaining. And when I started the process, motivation and energy showed up. I get to design my day outside the house today. Otherwise, I'll probably end up back on the couch.

As far as the exercising, my Mindset was all over the place. A message popped up on the computer. I thought how will I know when I'm done. It seemed important at the time. I told myself there are other ways to tell. Right now, I'm thinking "Duh! when the recording stops." Then the thought was "Why is this so hard today?" By this, I meant the movements. Realized that I haven't stretched in like forever. I'm sure that's related somehow to Money goals. I just don't know how at the moment.

I eventually settled down and just listened to the recording and went through the motions. There have been some great shifts on this journey. And one thing is for sure. Consistency is not the opportunity. Cause I did that thing for 30 days. Commitment is not the issue. Because I completed the burpees during each session. I get to pursue my money goals from contribution. Because my commitment to calling my sister at 5 AM definitely impacted my sense of urgency and completion.



I wish I had kept this journal throughout. And rather than beat myself up about it I'm going to write what I know. The money goal was "an additional $1200 by January 5th". For the Mindset Training, the goal was different than the SMART goals. I didn't break it down into smaller tasks and steps. I approached it more like a request or a prayer. And I believe it is coming to me. It is already set in motion. Why? Because who I be shifted. Who I show up shifted. Generosity and joy precedes money where money represents resources to cover our needs and wants. Resources that can be exchanged for seeds and harvest.

Today, I am intentionally generous with my money. I am aware of the money commitments that I made and the ones that I broke or I am continuing to break. And GOD's blessings are overtaking me.

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