Day 8: Success Mindset Training

Day 8: Success Mindset Training

Mar 07, 2023

It's Day 8. From Wednesday, March 1st to Monday, March 6th I was at our Legacy Ranch. By our, I mean the Klemmer Pride. I attended my first Klemmer & Associates seminar in 2018. And have served as a Team Lead during Sam Camp for the past 2 camps. This weekend was First Weekend for the students. The energy of being in the room with like-minded people pursuing big, audacious goals is inspiring and expanded my goals.

As a result, this mornings Success Mindset Training was different. I had a SMART goal in front of me. And as I listened to the recording it built my faith and Mindset in the possibility. What also happened is that I quit and took breaks quite often. Rather than pushing through discomfort, I stopped and rested for 10 secs, then 15 seconds, etc. And it became the pattern at times there wasn't even I fight to continue moving. I simply stopped and then started up again. And I see that all over my results on a daily basis. Time to choose something different.

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