Day 4: Success Mindset

Day 4: Success Mindset

Feb 24, 2023

The purpose of the Success Mindset was more about being okay with failing. And that has shown up. In fact, I'll stop pushing in order to fail. And then get back up after a short break. In one sense it sounds like wisdom. And on another it sounds like quitting rather than failing. I'm not actually failing what I'm actually doing is quitting.

And it lots of my entrepreneurial endeavors I have quit. Just gave up and pivoted. It wasn't that I failed. It was that I was uncomfortable, the results didn't look or feel like I thought they would, and I quit. I quit for multiple reasons I didn't see the results as important, it was taking too much to get the little results I have, and the thought this morning was that failure was easier and required less responsibility than success.

A dirty cluttered house requires less time to manage. And the cost is the disruption to my mental.

A public Yes and a passive No requires less uncomfortable conversations. And the cost is a relationship.

A full day of serving others for free or at a discount doesn't test my acceptance in the room. And the cost is less resources to do the vision called me to.

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