Day 1: Success Mindset Training

Day 1: Success Mindset Training

Feb 21, 2023

This Day 1 for me of Success Mindset Training. In December, I completed 30 days of intentional Money Mindset Training and in January I completed 30 days of Self-Care Mindset Training. For those two, I recorded myself doing the training. For this one, I created the Guided version. It is available below. And instead of recording me doing it every morning, I will journal.

As I started listening to the recording of the scriptures, I already knew that 5 minutes of planks was not possible for me. Perhaps, I don't know...a more accurate choice of words is " I chose". I had already decided that 5 minutes was too much for me. Then I began analyzing what was possible, how hard did I want to work, how uncomfortable was I willing to get, etc.

There were thoughts if I do 5 minutes then that is the standard, the expectation for the rest of the 30 days. Do I really want to do 5 minutes even if I could?

Man, I can see all of those popping up as I pursue my vision. The audio recording of the truth only peeked through every now and then. When I tuned in, I lasted a little longer when I wanted to quit. Wow! this is going to be a good one.

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