Devlog 9: Procrastinations and decisions ...

Devlog 9: Procrastinations and decisions, decisions...

Jun 25, 2021

I'm not gonna lie: I've been procrastinating the game all June long. Had such little work done this past Wednesday, and the other few weeks had no progress. I mean, it happens, and it's probably just a creator's block, but it still sucks.

However, Wednesday, I had an idea, and I hope it works. I'm gonna branch all the character choices into their own scenes, have one scene be all the text stuff, and have an auto loaded scene for all the decision-making stuff. Hopefully it'll work as planned, I might make some functions for it, and... yeah. I think it'll help with the overwhelming amount of script that absolutely will happen because, well, it's a visual novel.

Check out my stream in the meantime, where hopefully I can have the online characters move.

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