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Devlog 11: Where Has the Time Gone? And ...

Devlog 11: Where Has the Time Gone? And Platforms.

Aug 27, 2021

I can't believe the Monday after next Monday is Labor Day! I have usually worked on my project on Mondays these past few weeks, but I plan on doing some work over the weekend as well. There's one more scene left until I can write the endings. I still need to draw for the title screen too. Maybe I can sketch it out after a weekend stream or something.

I love saving nodes as their own scenes. It makes putting them in other scenes so much easier than having to do everything over and over and over again. If I was to make another visual novel this way, I have ideas on how to make animations more streamlined, though. I could put the animation layer on each animated sprite scene and create a built-in script for the scene.

At first, story-wise, I wasn't sure how to connect the dots in one of the branches, but I ended up figuring out how to incorporate the dream I had and the story I ended up wanting to put in, but it turned out good in the end. As a short visual novel, it makes sense, I guess.

Speaking of, since it's a short visual novel, I decided to see if I could make this my first visual novel created for HTML5, that way I won't have to do anything major like save files and such. I could probably put in a button, too for touch screens, that way tablets and phones can play it as well.

Hope to write more next week!

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