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Coffee... Run? Of the Week: Iced Coffee ...

Coffee... Run? Of the Week: Iced Coffee I shot down with a slingshot!!

Nov 24, 2021

I know it's another unusual coffee run, but at the moment, I need some cozy gaming more than coffee runs. I was planning on just posting for supporters some cool benefits of coffee I found on the internet, but then I shot down an iced coffee!!!

I was like, "YOOO! THERE'S ICED COFFEE IN THE GAME!" It would be cool to drink it like one would with one of Brewster's to go cups, holding it and posing with it, but alas, you can't, which is why the picture above is the way it is.

I had a little outdoor cafe to help push my island to 5 stars, and it has a little spot for two different items, so I know exactly where it's going.

While the new update makes the game feel more like Harvest Moon than ever, there's no way to make your own iced coffee, and buying it in the catalog is more expensive than buying a to-go cup at Brewster's, at a whopping 800 Bells.

It looks nice for decoration, though, and to be honest, while it kinda looks like soda, I'm totally fine with how it is. 8/10.

Also... Bonus. Brewster gave me decaf coffee beans a few days ago, which I ended up customizing today for mocha beans because yum yum 😋

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