Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to DPEH (Deep Pockets, Empty Hearts). We are thrilled to announce our main actors and want you to meet them.

This is the main cast and it's an absolute winner team!

Lead Actress: Raquel

The lead is Raquel Esteban, a Spanish actress with lots of experience and technique. She will play April and will astonish you with her great performance.

Supporting actor: Damien

The male supporting role is played by Damien Sato, an intriguing Australian actor with superb abilities. He plays Matthew, April's ex boyfriend.

Supporting actress: Ayeshah

The female supporting actress is Ayeshah Rose. She is an award winning actress and director and plays the protagonist's best friend, Ashley. She will surprise you with her performance.

And last but not least, here's the rest of the cast that made this film incredibly real:

Thomas - Adam Golledge

Business woman - Meredith Salotto

Rude customer - David MacPhail

Young woman - Liz Lin


Bartender - Jourdan Bremmer

Waiter - Barbara Sos

Bar client 1 - Fuchsia Sellers

Bar client 2 - Radim Sedlacek

Bar client 3 - Lucy Fenton

Bookstore customer 1 - Rachael Reynolds

Bookstore customer 2 - Radim Sedlacek

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