Aug 09, 2020

I Bet We All Have A Crazy Tweaker Story Or Two To Share - I’ll Share One Of Mine(=

My Bf Was Cooking In The Basement, And I Was Instructed To Take A Nap Due To The Recent Arrival of Shadow Ppl. I Tried To Sleep For What Seemed Like An Hour. I Noticed A Chemical Odor During This Time, But Since This Was Only His Second Time Trying To Cook, I Just Assumed That The Smell Originated From What He Was Doing (I didn’t remember quite what it smelled like the first time). He Emerged From What We Refer To As His Tool Room And Informed Me That Once Again The Cook Was A Fail. I Noticed The Odor Beginning To Seep Out Of His Tool Room Smelled Different Than The Odor I Had Been Breathing For The Last Hour.

My Baby Is My Hero BTW (lol).

We Both Recalled That I Had Been Trying To Kill Drain Flies In The Drain Of The Kitchen Sink Located At The Top Of The Basement Stairs. I Had Read The Warning Earlier That Day That I Should Be Careful Not To Let The Bleach Mix With The Vinegar I’d Already Tried Using To Kill The Nasty Pests. I Did Rinse Water Down The Drain Between The Vinegar And The Bleach, But Apparently Not Enough, Because I’d Actually Done The Thing - I Had Made Chlorine Gas! Ant - Thinking On His Feet - Quickly Googled, “What Neutralizes Chlorine Gas,” And Made The Concoction Of Baking Soda And Water And Poured The Mixture Down The Drain.

What A Man!

My Two Adult Kiddos Never Complained Of An Odor, As Their Rooms Are On The Second Floor. We Were Curious Why That Was, So This Time I Googled, “Is Chlorine Gas Heavier Than Air?”


I Had Essentially Aushwitz’d Myself! (sorry if i offend) Well, That’s How I Think Of It. The Effects Of Inhaling Chlorine Gas Are Not Reversible, So Now I Have A Slight Cough That I’ll Probably Have Forever, But I’m Glad That I’m The Only One That Was Affected. Apparently, Chlorine Gas Liquidizes The Lungs.

Crazy Shit, Huh?

Your Turn..(=

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