Bringing my busking to another level

Bringing my busking to another level

Mar 06, 2024

So, I finally managed to catch the call to audition for a TTC busking permit. I have missed the last 2; they only happen every 3 years and they close after 175 submissions are received. You can see my audition video here:
Likes and comments are welcome and appreciated.
This would be a boon for sure. I don't need much. And, there is little in this world that feels more right when I do it than to offer the gift of music to the world with no strings. Little more fulfilling than to be able to touch people with this gift I was given and be blessed by their expressions of gratitude. To be authentically valued is just another gift that makes busking the most natural and fulfilling occupation I have had; and, contribution I can make.
This is a permit. One I will have to pay for: $197.75 CAD in cash (awkward), sometime in April.
I have no doubt that I will recoup that cost over the 3 year life of the permit. But, I will have to pay it first. I also have the renewal of my Toronto Busker Permit, due by the end of this month; another $51.70.
Your support toward these ends would mean the world. And, in the event the TTC does not offer me a permit, I do have other upcoming costs; not the least of which is renewing my website and domain in June. There is something that I really need to put some money into to get working properly. I will admit, it is something I find very challenging to navigate and maintain on my own.
So, here I am, humbly asking for your support as I continue to find ways to be a conduit of CREATION.
Please note that, if you would like to avoid the middlemen and ensure I receive 100% of your contributions, I do accept e-transfers and other correspondance at [email protected].
Any support, moral or financial, you can lend is truly and greatly appreciated.
A performer has no purpose without audience.

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