My first patient...

My first patient...

Jun 08, 2022

I saw my first patient today as a volunteer doctor for TeleHelp Ukraine!

When I joined the video call, the medical interpreter was already on the call, and helped me get through the rest of the set-up.

the patient was ready to join shortly after I got everything ready.

This person had evacuated with their family at the beginning of the war, and had some ongoing problems since then.

There are some big differences between the US and Ukrainian health care systems; a notable one being that there several medicines here that require a prescription that can be purchased there over the counter!

So, a medication change and a follow up appointment for 10 days later, and my first patient for the TeleHelp Ukraine organization is in the books!

Stay tuned for more posts as the volunteer process gets ironed out!!

P.S. Here is your medical chart coding tip for the day: Z65.5 Exposure to disaster, war and other hostilities

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