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Version Switching for Success

Version Switching for Success

Aug 21, 2021

We Ambiverts are people who move fluidly between introversion or extroversion depending on the mood, situation, or environment. We don't have one clear preference; instead, we alternate as need. The frustrating thing is when you are in Intro mode, and people wanna have a full-ass deep philosophical chat with you about nothing, and you are trynna melt deeply into some needed introspection. The best part is we can put our head down and disappear for days at a time in solitude and get shit done. When we pop back out to party, we can dip right in and rock the party.

If you find yourself on either end of the spectrum, you should definitely try working on your chameleon skills.

For your edification: The word “ambivert” was coined by psychologist David Keirsey, refers to someone who is a mix of introvert and extrovert. Ambiverts are often more successful than both introverts or extroverts because they can play to the strengths of each personality type, succeeding in social situations and being comfortable working alone.


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