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Why do we do it? | ARTICLE

Why do we do it? | ARTICLE

Jun 26, 2021

I will focus on fitness and movement (are 2 totally different concepts and contexts)

Fitness originated in order to improve and maintain physical attitude, health and wellness. The movement is a necessity of each species on earth regardless of whether at may harm wellness.

So after and arduous investigation (ask on Instagram) <<Why do you train?>> and <<Why don´t you train?>> In the first section the argument was the same "For mental and physical health" I will talk about this later. But the other side we can summarize it in "Leave it for later".

In some cases we can talk about procrastination and how those dilatory behaviors affect our training and life in general. Let´s put an example:

Your best friend is getting married in 3 months and you are planning to wear a dress that bought 1 month ago, size 40, being your size 42, because your were planning go to the gym and trying the latest fad diet, but between hang out with your friends and partner, job, Netflix and chill Sundays... Now you only have 1 month, you have 2 options, buy another dress or do not go to the wedding

Although it has been thought that procrastination occurs for reasons such as: incapacity (know it), avoid aversive tasks, avoid anxiety, fear of failing, due to perfectionist tendencies, self-regulation and self-control deficiencies (Burka & Yuen, 1983). This is still being investigated.

So... Why in the bussiness organization and self-help books them recommend "time organization" Simply because it works and I say it from my experience.

Here is a strategy that can help you

  • Start by asking yourself what you priorities are (What you LOVE)

  • Recognize the essential things and that you cannot postpone

  • Recognize the thing you would like to do but can be postponed

  • Create a schedule with these activities

Schedule example

That´s about time management, but is there another case? Yep. No training spaces for the pandemic.

Obviously we cannot expose ourselves or our family, some of us have lost a lot during the pandemic. But isolate ourselves from nature, from our social environment Is this the right to do? Nope. This affects our natural health (Iris A. Lesser; Carl P. Nienhuis, 2020)

You need to move, this so far, has been the best strategy against the disease.

What about the social environment? Well in some countries and cities the parks are already enabled, you just need to pick your tools (rings, mask, water, bike, backpack) or even look for spots to climb.

With all this said we can summarize in that we do what we do for love and here a fragment from an article by Charles Poliquin R.I.P

"The myth of discipline"

“There is no such thing as discipline. There is only love. Love is the most powerful creative force in the universe. You are the result of what you love most.”

-Charles Poliquin

How to get out of the concept of discipline:

1.- Accept that your decisions are a reflection of what you love the most

2.- Love is the most powerful creative force of the universe. Use it wisely

3.- Choose to love you over anything

4.- Indulge yourself

5.- Whenever you make a good choice, with love, say “thank you for taking care of me”

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