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May 03, 2021

First of all: I´m not gonna tell you to consume it, stop consume it or not to consume it

Since 1937 this druga was declared illegal by US, althought its role in sports performance has not yet been 100% proven (M Saugy, 2006). Is a social drug and is on the top of the list of compounds detected by the anti-doping laboratories acrcedited by the World Anti-doping Agency Worldwide.

  • In a report by the European Monitoring center for drugs and adicction 1.2-16% of young people aged 15-24 from 18 European countries indicated cannabis consumption

  • In US 16% of young adults 18-25 reported use of cannabis

New products have high concentrations of cannabinoids and these have shown prolonged intoxication, high heart rate, dizziness, disorientation, long toxicity, liver steatosis and negative reproductive activity, it is worth mentioning that this was in studies after long term cannabis exposure.

The consumption of cannabis althought not "new" last decades the consumption has been increased, both medicinal and recreational (bakery, beers, chips, weed, even salds)

Mainly consumed by young people with recreational porpouss, it becomes common to see, skaters, bikers, parkours, breakdancers or any other athletes to consumed it maybe for keep the performance (low levels of stress and anxiety) or for social factors (interpersonal relationships)

But wait! Does this affect performance? Short answer, YES. However it woud be a mistake to judge from our perspective. But have to be honest, in dynamic activities that require timing or body control. There´s a decline in those capacity. Let´s take a moment to imagine the next locomotion pattern (handstand, QDR, craw, spin, handstand QDR, spin). This set require strength , balance and self-perception; eventually there are some many cases when you could do it, but at least most you will fail.

But now imagine you are a cirque du soleil artist and your performance will be seen by people who have traveled entire continents, in order to see it, nervous? Well I am. Then. Would it be justificable in this case to consume it? That depents enterely on the person (emotional intelligence, product quality, cannabis variety, how´s consumed, many factors)

Personally i don´t care and don´t judge to someone who consumes, however there are events and sports where its consumption is prohibited and if we are practitioners, athletes or do we belong to these companies, have to respect the rules and policies of there. For some reason we did decide to be part of it, didn´t we?

Some readers willthen ask, are there alternatives to relax without resorting to these substances? Personally I always recomend breathing tecniques like Wim Hof method & Pranayama (But those are topics for other articles)

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