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May 05, 2020

D.K. Upshaw here. I like cartoons. Cute little cartoons! I like reading them, watching them--in fact, I like cute little cartoons so much, I make them! But first, a little background:

I grew up during the 60s, 70s and 80s--the best decades for cartoon watching, in my humble opininon--the prime decades of the networks' Saturday Morning (and you gotta capitalize Morning) kidvid phenomenon--and later, the five-days-a-week syndicated cartoon phenomenon. I watched cartoons go from superheroes to prosocial values to selling toy lines and beyond, loving every animated minute of it!

Somewhere along the line, anime came into the picture. In my day, we called it "Japanimation," and I'm so glad we don't anymore. That's when I learned about "kawaii" (cute) cartoons, so cute I couldn't help adapting it to my cartooning and animation style.

So what cartooning and animation have I done? I'm the creator of OUR FOLLIES, a one-panel humorous take on my beloved black community, that can be seen on THE 411 news website for Northwest Indiana (www.gary411news.com). Besides that, I've a Twitter account (twitter.com/ladytooner), an Instagram account (instagram.com/dkladytooner) and I regularly write little stuff about my kidvid memories on Vocal (vocal.media/authors/d-k-upshaw).

I'm constantly making cute little cartoons, so you'll be seeing a lot of them here. I know I'm going to enjoy being a part of Buy Me a Coffee, so feel free to buy me a coffee (cream and sugar, please!).

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