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Where do IEM's fit in production?

Where do IEM's fit in production?

Oct 21, 2021

A lot of people have said to me IEM's (In Ear Monitors) don't fit in to production and to be honest, I disagree with that, quite often for that fact I disagree that they don't fit in to production or editing.

IEMs shine on stage and for live performances and that's where they shift their main focus but some one like me they fit in when you have ear fatigue and just need something in ear instead of over ear.

IEM'S also fit in for me when I might need to edit in on the fly.

In Ear Monitors fit in, for me when I need to edit on the fly or when I need something within arms reach to listen to something, like the other day I was working on something and I just thought to my self that I would use them to get a clearer understanding of the mix.

For me IEMs are always in the OrbitKey Nest or sitting on the desk mat, and that's simple fact of life, I think that they fit for different for different reasons but they possibly fit a lot more for those people who play on stage than a producer but they are perfect when you might be tight on space and not able to take your M50x with you or your production cans of choice with you.

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