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Studio 5.0 - The fail..

Studio 5.0 - The fail..

Jul 17, 2021

So I had some pretty big goals in my studio 5.0 set up and I knew that I needed to get stuff ready for a busy time producing and everything else and I knew that would be the real life struggles... at some point you've got to take a step back and work out what is holding you back and I thought by moving my studio to another room that my studio would be tops and 5.0 would be the king until 6.0 but what we've discovered tonight at 10pm that life throws you lemons and you've just got to make studio 5. some people may have been lucky enough to catch a sneak peek of 5.0 before I packed it down, I know this seems like a stupid plan packing something down before you've even given it a red hot go.

5.0 saw the studio space move in to another room with the ability to be more free flowing and working in my own closed quarters and separating that bedroom studio to another room, it saw the Isolation booth for the microphone being presently set up and the monitors getting the AXE due to the lack of room I had in the space in which I am working in. It saw me add in the Novation AFX Station, removing the Monologue, adding in the Maschine Jam by Native Instruments and putting the Novation Circuit, the OG back on the desk.

But some things have changed, 5.1 will see I don't know exactly what yet to be honest cause 5.1 is just a pigment in my imagination until I get in there tomorrow, but it's going to be one of the most dramatic changes for the studio I think we've ever seen and I am confident about that change in 5.1 that it will be set up for the better those of you who know what SIDE PROJECT I have been working will understand the changes I am implementing, but it will all start to make sense soon and I promise you guys that much.

So what's going to make my life easier, and that's the hard question that I don't even know the answer to yet and I hate to say that like it doesn't fill me with confidence but I know I have to do what I have to do and that 5.1 will make the studio build for the better! I really don't know where 5.1 point is heading or how long it will stay but I do know something in that space has to change and that's just the fact of life.

So tomorrow being Sunday the 18th I am going to get a early start on stuff and make sure things are set up and ready to roll!

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