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Slummin' It or Slimmin' It

Slummin' It or Slimmin' It

Jul 15, 2021

So if I decided to up and sell it all tomorrow, I can only keep 10 pieces of gear. So we're talking minimalist here, so I can only keep eight pieces of equipment from my studio, what would they be.

1) Maschine MK3 - This unit is my powerhouse and my main beat making and track making device you would find me selling the MK3 in a heartbeat unless I somehow got my hands on the Mashcine + I think thanks to Sanjay C, he got me on that with the Maschine Mikro MK3 I would have sold my Mikro if it wasn't for Sanjay C I don't know where my Mashcine Journey would be right now.

2) Maschine Jam - After my first one was stolen I fought very hard to get my hands on my current one so I would get rid of this either the mixer view for mixing tracks is a god send it's as good as having a mixing desk for Maschine I guess that's what the Maschine Jam was intended for.

3) Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2 - Look I will be honest, if I could do this over I would buy the S61 MK3 but at the end of the day I have the S49 and I wouldn't change that for the world to be frank with you I am confident with what I have there being the Three native instruments pieces of kit that I could easily make the music I love with a decent computer.

4) Novation AFX Station - While this hasn't spent much time being a work horse for me, I have definitely enjoyed using it though for the little time I have used and I know that I could get some pretty decent sounds out of it for tracks and so fourth there at the end of the day I would love to not let this go and it's also the fact it's a limited edition piece of kit as well.

5) Denon Prime Go - I will admit that the Denon doesn't get as much love as it should but it's definitely a piece of kit I wouldn't want to let go, the Denon Prime Go is such a DJ power house and I would be mad to let this piece of kit go.

6) Novation Circuit or Tracks - I am not sure what one I would personally keep but I am thinking I would keep the OG but at the end of the day I am not sure but one of the circuits would be in my life.

7) Arturia MiniLab MK3 - Cause of the workflow with Arutira Pigments I would keep this one on deck and also the fact it's the orange edition that I have on fleck.

8) Focusrite 2i2 3rd Generation - It's no good having this gear if you can't record the gear, so I would keep this interface I love this interface and it's been a solid work horse for me personally.

9) Sontronics Podcast Pro - This microphone would be kept around for recording those podcasts.

10) Roland TR-8S - Well you kind of need a dedicated drum machine hence why I am keeping around the TR-8S though if I had the TR6-S I would possibly just keep that and get rid of the big guy.

So that's what I would do if I was Slimming it or slumming it, what would you change or what would you ditch? Yes in effect I am saying I could make music with 80% less gear than what I currently have my hands on so think about that.

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