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Novation LaunchPad Mini MK3

Novation LaunchPad Mini MK3

Jul 13, 2021

So at the end of the day I have worked with maschine for the bulk of the last three years any one who knows me would clearly know that I am a Maschine user and I am hard core in to the Native Instruments Eco System the last time I set down with Ableton Live we were talking Ableton 5 or something it was when I had a Novation Launchpad over the years I have played around with the Novation LaunchPad, Launchpad S, Launchpad mini and mini MK2 and neither of these units have lasted in my eco system for more than a few weeks and will the MK3 be longer than a temp placeholder in my collection?

The Novation Launchpad this time around rocks the USB C connection and includes a USB A - C cable and is of a decent length, I remember when the days of the Launchpad came with a printer cable in a bright orange sadly this time around they forgot the orange cable and switched it for black cable but I wish they had of swapped it for orange cable but the good thing by it having a USB C cable that's for the best and that's much more stable than micro USB and also easier to obtain these days.

The Launchpad is slim and thin I love the compactness of the launchpad mini I kind of feel like you've just got to chuck it in a bag and take with you for making beats on the run, I kind of wish that NATIVE INSTRUMENT mikro took on a form factor like this.

I feel like it gives you a good understanding of the software to be honest... I like the hands on control of the Launchpad mini MK3 and I love how the pads feel on the Mini MK3 they are a little smaller than I would have liked them to be but at the end of the day that's okay they are still very very usable to be honest and I love the form factor and I think that makes this version of the launchpad mini MK3 ultra portable for travelling beat makers and this will slide in to most areas in most bags you might not need a dedicated music bag for something this compact.

Conclusion: I think for the SRRP $189.00 is good value considering that the cost of Ableton Live Intro is $149.00 I am no "ABLETON" nerd nor do I claim to be but I am not sure what the difference is between Intro and the lite version but that's okay I am pretty sure if you're buying a dearer Launchpad that you've possibly got a bigger version of live any how but that's just what I believe I could how ever be wrong or right, but I think if you're looking for something to dip your toes in the water with Ableton like I was then I think you would be farily happy with this piece of kit, I haven't jumped in to it as much i would have liked but there's bound to be more content coming around it though and that's a fact of life.

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