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MV1 - Is it DEAD?

MV1 - Is it DEAD?

May 20, 2021

Please Note: As always all thoughts are my own and I don't receive any sponsorships or anything.

Personally I don't know personally how to feel about writing this blog article and there's a few reasons why people like Roland Australia might actually want to hate on me as a small independent content creator but let's get this straight I use to the own the VR-09 OG, the Go Keys, and many other Roland products and I currently still have the Roland TR-8S and I have the MV1 and want to purchase a Roland MC-101 before the end of the year and that's a fact of life.

If you want to see my first impressions on the Roland MV1 please click here.

I think the Roland MV1 is a great little unit with a very steep learning curve for those of us who want to work in a DAWLESS workflow and I think that is just a fact of life. At the end of the day I really think that the MV1 is a good little DAW in a box but it's fairly decent and I think we've seen a lot of content about the MV1 coming from various synth heads on YouTube weather that by Sanjay C and Gabe Miller Music and more.

I remember when this dropped we've been talking $1345.00 SRRP in Australia, we soon saw it fall in line with the MPC one coming in at $1199 we saw Roland drop there's to $1245.00 in Australia. I managed to pick up my MV1, for a little under the $1245.00 price tag at Found Sound the team there generally does a little bit to help me out when they can, I am not sponsored or endorsed by FoundSound but I do support their small business.

I have seen now that the Roland MV1 has dropped to SRRP of $1099.00 AUD, but I am even finding it now as low as $989.00 at StoreDJ and I think it's a no brainer but I think one of the big questions to be honest is the Roland MV1 dead? This has dropped nearly $300.00 AUD bucks since launch and I think as we've not seen big drops on other Roland products, I think it's still a singular product reduction therefore I think it's signalling end of the road for the Roland MV1 in the Australian Market.

I really do hope it's not the end of the road for the MV1 in Australia or in the world wide market either to be honest as it's a very powerful unit if you have the time to master it and that's just a fact of life to be honest with you, I have managed to produce a lot of projects on the MV1, but I haven't exactly managed to finish the music, Roland said finish more songs, that hasn't really been the case for me personally.

I explored on the DJ NATDOG PODCAST, I put up a DJ NATDOG PRESENTS podcast called Jungle Beats - Vintage Reelz Mix it's basically a short tease of the full track which will be dropping soon to be honest with you guys but this track was made on the Roland MV1 and mastered in Ozone by Izotope. Out of the 20+ projects I have on the Roland MV1 this is the only one have come to finish and what I consider to be fairly polished and ready for distribution.

I really do think that there's a few issues with the price drop on the Roland MV1 and I think that, that's signalling something very very different for the Roland MV1 and I am disappointed but maybe for those looking to go ALL IN ONE, DAWLESS that the price tag of it being under the $1K mark in Australia might put it in a lot more hands of people at that price point.

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