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Been Holding Off - DrumBrute Impact.

Been Holding Off - DrumBrute Impact.

May 26, 2021

So I have really been holding off on the drumbrute impact by Arturia I have been digging it for so long and that's just a fact of life, I have had my eyes on it for like 3+ years and I have now seen one of the dopest and cheapest prices I think I have ever seen it for.

Sure I have the Uno Drum, The Roland TR-8S, Novation Circuit and other things to help me craft dope and phat drum sounds but I personally think the DrumBrute Impact brings something next level to the game page.

Arturia drumbrute has been seen on the shelves and in the bags of many creatives over the years and has withstood the test of time and I think personally it stands out as one of possible the most rock solid drum maschines other than something like the TR-6S and TR-8S by Roland, I think Roland make great machines and the TR-8S I think will always be the centre of my studio on my desk I don't see that changing unless I get a TR-6S.

The DrumBrute Impact can currently be purchased for around $470.00 at the moment and that's definitely the lowest I have seen the DrumBrute retail for in Australia and I think that's definitely highly tempting for me personally and that's just a fact of life at the end of the day!

I honestly think if my good friends at FoundSound can price match this one, I think I will be picking one up.

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