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Akai - Decline of Sales, So LE to kill i ...

Akai - Decline of Sales, So LE to kill it?

May 17, 2021

I think in the recent months Akai maybe have seen the competition get tougher, and the driving force of your traditional DAW in a box getting more cut throat. We've seen Native Instruments drop the Maschine+ and as a Native Instrument fan that's one sexy beast but we've also seen something left of field which I personally own and that's the Roland MV1 production centre.

I think they have changed the game to be honest and that's seen maybe what you can call a decline in sales for the MPC One and the MPC LIVE II. I feel like in Australia, the MPC One dropped to 1199 from 1349 when the MV1/Maschine+ Launched - MV1 was slotted in, in Australia at $1339.00 SRRP but pretty soon after the MPC One Price drop you saw the MV1 drop to $1,245.0 but that still slated the MV1 above the price of the MPC ONE. The Mashcine+ has a SRRP of $1999.00, the Live II use to be SRRP of $2299.00, dropped to $1999.00 which sees them a dead evens for price point so it comes down to the choice.

I feel like the guys at Akai has tried to spice things up with the MPC varying from BLACK to a limited Gold in MPC ONE then the RETRO MPC ONE. I think the LIVE II with the different colours are showing Akai, needs to mix things up.

I was very keen to purchase a Gold or Retro MPC One and also Live II in the Retro to be honest, like I have been talking for weeks to be honest, about DAWs in the box, and working out side of the computer to be honest, but the different colours has definitely made me more keen and excited..

Personally I feel like there's been some pressure on AKAI to mix it up and that's the reason behind the MPC/Live II limited edition colours in hopes to drive up sales and the pressure behind then price drops to be perfectly honest, I don't mind the sudden drop in price or the pressure being put on Akai if it drives us in to a more competitive marketplace and that's always a good thing for consumers and I am certainly not complaining and that's just a fact of life I love the competitive marketplace.

As it sits right now if I was doing something I would be picking a MPC One in gold and MPC LIVE II in Retro if I needed both, but you've got to admit there's some pros and cons for them both but I will let you decide those for your self as it's only fair.

I am really keen to see what these companies do to change things up over the next few weeks it's going to be exciting I feel.

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